So you might ask, "Why GPIG 107?"

It's quite simple. Wild Bill is 'around' 50 years old. While listening to the radio one day on the way to the grocery store, he came to the conclusion that he should NOT be hearing the music he played during the 80's on an OLDIES station.

He determined there was a simple solution to this problem.

Gizmo Media Stations would add an oldies station. GPIG107 was born to play our favorite tunes from the 50's, 60's and 70's!

We see it more of a necessity than just because Wild Bill was ticked off. LOL

Oldies the way they oughtta be... 

GPIG 107 Recent Tracks

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Chat Room

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System: Welcome!
BudBell: Welcome to the new chatroom
WildBill: Sweet!! Thanks Bud!!
Dat Kool Breeze: Woohooo
Dat Kool Breeze: Thanx Bud!! you are the man :)
Dat Kool Breeze: G'moanin' Monday!
Dat Kool Breeze: Oooh yeah baybee
WildBill: Looking at another use for the chat room. There has to be a way to individualize this by station....
Dat Kool Breeze: G'moanin' blues fiends!
Dat Kool Breeze: G'moanin'
Dat Kool Breeze: 8)
Dat Kool Breeze: G'moanin' Blues 102!
Dat Kool Breeze: G'moanin' time for the Moanin' Blues Café

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